Strawberry Fridge Pudding


Serves 6-8


For the base:

170g Tennis biscuits, finely crushed

75ml melted butter


For the filling:

60g strawberry jelly powder

200ml boiling water

125g cream cheese, at room temperature

125ml plain yoghurt

1 tin condensed milk


For the topping:

400g strawberries, sliced


Mix together the melted butter and crushed biscuits then press into a serving dish (or individual glasses)

Dissolve jelly powder in boiling water, then set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together cream cheese, yoghurt and condensed milk, then stir in the jelly.

Pour onto the biscuit base then refrigerate for at least an hour until set.

Decorate the top by arranging the sliced strawberries on top before serving.