Plum & Almond Tart

Serves 6 – 8


For the plums:

6 ripe plums, halved

2 Tbsp. castor sugar

½ cup water


For the tart:

½ cup castor sugar

200g butter, softened

1 tsp vanilla

2 large eggs, beaten

¼ cup self-raising flour

1 ½ cups ground almonds


For the vanilla Yoghurt (optional):

500g plain yoghurt

2 Tbsp. icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla paste


Preheat oven to 180C.

Place the plums, cut side up, into a roasting dish, then sprinkle with sugar and water.

Place into the oven and roast for 20 minutes until the plums are tender

Spray a 24cm loose bottom fluted tart tin.

In a large bowl, cream the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy.

Beat in eggs, a little at a time then mix in the flour.

Mix together the flour and almonds, then fold into the wet ingredients.

Transfer mixture into the tin then arrange the plums on top, cut side up.

Bake tart for 45 minutes or until the edges are golden brown.

Remove from the oven. Allow to cool in the pan for 15 minutes, then remove tart from the tin and leave to cool completely.

Mix together the yoghurt, icing sugar and vanilla then serve with the tart, dusted with icing sugar.