A branded Zola Nene dark denim apron, perfect to wear while you cook up a storm.


We all need protection amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and these non-medical mask with over-head straps and filter included. Ideal for when wearing head wraps or headscarves where ears are covered. The strap fits comfortably over the head and is adjustable using a drawstring. No elastic, so no stretching.


Simply Delicious was a triumph and now, as Zola says herself, ‘My food journey is ever-evolving and is a continuation of my life journey told through food,’ and so Simply Zola is the mouth-watering result. The dishes (and drinks) are simple to prepare and each is a taste sensation.

Zola’s Feasts Flavourbomb Spice is a special combination of Zola’s favourite spices, perfect for adding a simply delicious twist to your favourite meals. The fragrant Curry Powder is a delicate mix of aromatic spices that combine to make a delicious mild curry powder mix. The chilli pungency is very mild and is suitable for a variety of curry dishes, from vegetables to chicken to lamb to Chakalaka to pickled fish!