Charred Pineapple, Strawberry & Toasted Coconut Sundae


Serves 2

½ pineapple, cut into wedges

½ tsp chilli flakes

2 Tbs brown sugar

Wooden skewers

10 strawberries

Strawberry swirl ice cream (or plain vanilla ice cream)

¼ cup berry coulis

50g toasted coconut flakes

Sprinkle the chilli flakes and sugar over the pineapple, then grill the wedges on the braai or in a hot griddle pan on all sides until charred and caramelized. Remove from the skewers, then chop coarsely.

Thread the strawberries onto the skewers, then grill on the braai or in a hot griddle pan for a few minutes, then remove from the skewers.

Assemble the Sundaes by drizzling some coulis into the bottom of a glass, then top with a few charred strawberries.

Add a scoop of Ice cream, then top with the pineapple and some coconut. Repeat layering with the coulis, more strawberries and ice cream, finishing with a generous sprinkle of the toasted coconut.