Toasted Oat Pilaf with Poached Egg


Serves 4


1 cup rolled oats

1 Tbs olive oil

1 leek, sliced

1 ½ cups vegetable stock

1 cup frozen peas

2 Tbs chopped parsley

50g slivered almonds, toasted

4 poached eggs to serve

Chilli to serve (optional)


In a dry pan, add the oats and toast until golden, then remove from the pan and set aside.

In the same pan, heat the oil then add the leek and saute until softened.

Return the oats to the pan, then add the stock and bring to a simmer.

Cover with a lid, then cook for 8 minutes or until the liquid is fully absorbed.

Using a fork, toss in the frozen peas and parsley, then turn off the heat, cover and leave to sit for 2 minutes.

Fold in the almonds, then serve on a bowl, topped with a poached egg.

Serve with sliced chilli if desired.